It’s all about quality, sophistication and sheer luxury with BMW’s ultra-premium offering. The range showcases BMW’s absolute finest: the models include the redesigned BMW 7 Series, the new and exclusive X7 as well as the breath-taking four-door M8 Gran Coupé sports car. The campaign is aimed at society’s leaders in business and culture who value success and quality, as well as being around inspired minds who think just like them.

With the current global pandemic redefining life as we know it, many people are left hopeless and in need of inspiration. So, BMW sought to create a campaign that would inspire audiences to believe and see success in themselves. The campaign also looks to introduce the ultra-high-end range to customers who are not aware of the latest cars.

To further expand on the campaign’s message about success and leadership, the tagline ‘The Art of Leadership’ was coined as it speaks to the joy and freedom that comes with being an inspirational leader. The Art of Leadership also speaks to inspiring the next generation with a new human-centric, personal and holistic manner of leadership. Connecting the ultra-high-end range with leaders in society perfectly highlights the power and quality of the range. The M8 Gran Coupé is a luxurious, sporty and agile car that is aimed at the ambitious leaders who associate themselves with quality and style. The new and unique X7 is the combination of supreme elegance and outstanding power and is aimed at the successful leader who values quality, exclusivity and presence. And lastly, the 7 Series, which is unquestionably smooth, powerful and self-assured, is aimed at the business-orientated leader who is always on the move and expects the very best.

BMW then teamed up with CNN to further shine a light on these ultra-premium models as well as to portray the stories and attitudes of some of the most remarkable creatives, artists and leaders of our time. This was done through a unique series, made up of a 11 short films. These short films explore ‘The Art of Leadership’, focusing on each person’s journey and how they inspire modern society. Each film in the series focuses on the core leadership values of BMW: responsibility, inner strength and independence.

One of the films portrays the world-renowned and highly successful DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The branded content piece is set against the background of one of their concerts in Norway. This short film along with the others live on a mix of CNN International’s platforms, across social media, digital and TV. The films will also feature on BMW’s central brand website.

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