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More and more, vehicle theft is becoming a hard-to-swallow reality for all of us. Those who've gone through it know the sinking feeling you experience, when you get back to the parking lot and your car is gone. Nothing but an empty parking spot staring you in the face ... and a key in your hand that now has nowhere to go. It's a feeling we definitely wouldn't recommend.

Netstar has been fighting vehicle theft on the front lines since 1994, and has, over the years, developed an extensive range of products for personal, business and commercial use.

With most things in life, an early start can increase the chances of success significantly. Whether it's learning to play an instrument, learning a new language or acquiring a new life skill, starting earlier rather than later will always reap rewards.

The same goes for stolen vehicle recovery. The sooner you know that your vehicle has moved without your permission, the sooner you can get it back. That's where Netstar's Early Warning comes into play.

Early Warning is Netstar’s most comprehensive stolen vehicle tracking and recovery product. Using an auto-arming proximity tag, which attaches to your keychain, it cleverly arms the system once you switch off the vehicle. Should your vehicle be driven or towed without the system being deactivated, Netstar will immediately know that something is up – without you calling in to report it. This enables them to start the recovery process mere minutes after the vehicle has been stolen, significantly increasing the chances of recovery.

At the end of the day, it could mean the difference between getting your vehicle back, or never seeing your 'baby' again.

As can be expected, Netstar Early Warning also comes with a range of other safety and convenience features that'll help you to worry less. These include Impact Detection, which notifies Netstar's emergency contact centre in the event of an accident; Car Park Jamming Alert for when someone tries to block your remote to prevent you from locking your vehicle; and Tow-away Alert, to name but a few.

Are you ready for ultimate peace of mind? Sign up for Netstar Early Warning today!

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