SPONSORED: For many, many years, Rockstar has taken inspiration from real-world cars in its Grand Theft Auto franchise. Following a recent update, which saw the introduction of a new casino, a handful of new vehicles have also been added to the game’s already lengthy car list. So, let’s take a look at three of them and see how they compare with their real-life inspirations.

Annis S80RR

Following the launch of the Diamond Casino and Resort update on Rockstar’s award-winning title, GTA V, the Annis S80RR is one of several cars new to the game. Although the latest release in the GTA franchise does feature more modest in-game vehicles based on real-life creations, the inclusion of fast cars is one of the main reasons the series is so popular among gamers.

The Annis S80RR is a single-seater supercar that can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for just over £2-million. According to GTA 5 Rides, the six-gear car has a top speed of 133 miles per hour and weighs 1 984 pounds. Moreover, the latest Annis release is based on both the Jaguar XJR-9 and Nissan R90C, which are high-level real-world racing cars. In relation to speed, the R90C and XJR-9 can reach much higher speeds than the in-game vehicle they inspired, as they can hit 253 and 245 mph, respectively.

Furthermore, the car's available liveries, which can be modified at Los Santos Customs, have been designed with real-world vehicles in mind. The Dusche Gold, for example, is based on the appearance of the Jagermeister Porsche 962.

Enus Paragon R

While it’s perhaps not as modest as many cars on the road, such as the Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa, the Bentley Continental GT’s in-game equivalent is, by comparison, far more modest than some of the game’s other high-end cars. The Enus Paragon R is also available at Legendary Motorsports and, for around £730 000, captures the very essence of the sports-class Bentley. By comparison, a real-world Continental GT would set you back approximately £151 000.

Much like the Annis S80RR’s speed comparisons, the Paragon R fails to match the peaks of its real-world equivalent. While the GTA V vehicle has a limit at 131 mph, the Continental GT, which was first released back in 2003, can hit 206 mph. Many believe the name of the vehicle, Paragon, meaning “of high quality”, is a testament to Bentley’s Continental GT, which is generally regarded as being a deluxe vehicle.

Truffade Thrax

With its Diamond Casino and Resort Update, Rockstar has sought to explore various elements of the increasingly popular iGaming sector. The GTA V developers have been influenced by some of the online casino industry's best software providers, while also adding their own car-focused elements to the in-house games. At the Diamond Casino, the Lucky Wheel provides users with one free spin per day with an opportunity to win numerous prizes, including a free car like the newly added Truffade Thrax. 

Just behind the S80RR, the Thrax is the second-most expensive car to have been made available upon the launch of the Diamond Casino update, costing slightly more than £1,8-million in the Rockstar title. Unlike the other vehicles in this list, the Thrax is cheaper than its real-world inspiration, as the Bugatti Divo debuted for around £4,7-million. Interestingly, the two cars both have seven gears, allowing them to reach fast speeds in a prompt manner.

Inspiration from high-end vehicles 

It’s no surprise that Rockstar, an award-winning game development company, has been influenced by some of the world’s most high-end cars in Grand Theft Auto V. From high-speed supercars to racing-inspired vehicles, the American company has been able to accurately capture the appeal of a wide array of luxurious cars, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in lifelike driving experiences.  

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