Ever wondered exactly how the Audi Freeway Plan works? Well, we're here to break it down for you. Audi South Africa aims to provide peace-of-mind motoring to first-time customers by including a standard maintenance plan with each new vehicle that leaves the showroom floor. Furthermore, current Audi owners can rest assured that, once the initial plan has expired, their vehicle will be in good hands with the firm’s upgraded extension programme.

Assured from the start

Audi’s Freeway Plan is a comprehensive five-year/100 000 km maintenance plan (which includes services) designed to ensure that new Audi owners are covered against unexpected maintenance costs, such as the wear and tear of clutch, brake pads and discs, and wipers. It also warrants for potential factory defects, and the replacement and repair of faulty parts.

Of course, to ensure the benefits of the Audi Freeway Plan are enjoyed to the very fullest, it's important owners service their vehicles at an Audi dealer as per the specified service intervals indicated in the vehicle’s service book or onboard computer.

Accident damage is, naturally, not covered and should be reported immediately, whereafter the damages caused to the vehicle’s body components must be repaired by an Approved Audi Motor Body Repairer. Other items not under warranty include the tyres, windscreen and fuel. 

Genuine Audi accessories and parts are used exclusively during a claim (the Audi Freeway Plan will thus be invalidated if unauthorised modifications are fitted to the vehicle).

So, what happens if you're buying a second-hand Audi still covered? Well, for a change of ownership, the new owner’s details must be registered with Audi South Africa, and, if required, an Audi dealer will first complete an 80-point quality check.

A Vorsprung promise

In addition to the Audi Freeway Plan, Audi South Africa has pledged to provide owners with a countrywide emergency service, which operates 24 hours a day, every day. With Audi Assist, you can rest assured someone will be available to lend a hand or advice when you're in need.

The objective of Audi Assist is to provide on-the-spot roadside assistance, with the aim to get you mobile in your own vehicle. 

However, if circumstances arise where the vehicle needs to be towed, you and the occupants of the vehicle will be transported to a safe location in the dealership’s roadside assistance vehicle. When the vehicle is rendered immobile and the breakdown is within 100 km of your normal place of residence, Audi will provide courtesy transport to that address.

When a breakdown occurs outside of 100 km from your place of residence, Audi will arrange and pay up to two days towards a preferred hotel accommodation for you and the occupants of the vehicle. However, should you prefer, Audi will arrange and pay for car rental for a maximum of 48 hours. Whichever works best for you.

Included in the Audi Assist call-out are flat tyres and batteries, fuel shortage, and vehicle keys locked inside the vehicle.

Audi Assist operates via 086 043 4838 within the border of South Africa, and +27 41 994 5616 in neighbouring countries Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana. It is important to remember the vehicle model and VIN will be required, so keep them on hand should you call.

Continued reassurance

Want even more good news? Well, current Audi owners are now offered an upgraded version of the extension programme. Those who wish to cherish their cars without losing the benefits of the Audi Freeway Plan once it has expired can now extend the initial five-year/100 000 km plan all the way through to a 10-year/300 000 km arrangement. Now that's what we call long-term peace-of-mind motoring.

The original contract can be extended during the period starting at the date of registration until the day before it expires. When opting for an added extension plan at the purchase of a new Audi, customers may utilise the indicated institutions for financial assistance. Once purchased, coverage takes immediate effect.

Audi offers customers the option of extending their vehicle’s maintenance and service plans with regard to the time, mileage, or both. Extending the maintenance plan will offer the same benefits as the original Audi Freeway Plan, while the additional service plan includes only servicing.

There is no limit on the value of the claims nor the amount of individual parts used. To ensure quality service, clients are urged to make exclusive use of certified Audi dealers when laying claims. Furthermore, customers can rest assured that only genuine Audi parts will be used for claims, thereby ensuring the original Audi standard of technical quality.

Quotes and sales of Audi Freeway Plan extensions are available from any Audi dealer. So, if you want added peace of mind, check out the extended plans on offer...

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