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FEATURE: Roush RS3 Mustang and Mustang RTR. With more than 500 kW and 800 N.m each, these Mustangs offer instant gratifi cation but they’re not one-trick ponies.
TEST: Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Built with gravity-defying pace in mind, just how different are these step-siblings?
DRIVE: Land Rover Defender 110 D240 AWD S and P400 MHEV AWD S. After three days testing the new model across strenuous Namibian terrain, it left us with many answers ... and some questions.
TECH FEATURE: How a carbonfibre wheel is made. Lightweight wheels have many dynamic advantages and carbon-fibre is key to ultimate performance.
INSIGHT: Koenigsegg Gemera. A new genre of car, the Koenigsegg Gemera is a 1 268 kW mega-GT designed with “more” in mind.

Also in this issue

DRIVE:  Jaguar F-Type P300. The party animal in Jag’s line-up, the revised F-Type is eager to entertain you.
CONSUMER: Raising the roof. We take a closer look at replacing a sagging roof lining.
TEST:  Lamborghini Urus. Sant’Agata grabs the SUV segment by the horns.
INSIGHT: BMW Concept i4. The Concept i4 showcases what’s soon to come from BMW i and, yes, it includes that grille.
SPEED: How an F1 race is cancelled. F1 and the organisers of the Australian GP came in for heavy criticism over their handling of the race’s cancellation. Here’s the timetable of events on that difficult and eventually chaotic time in Melbourne.

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