We’ve recently driven the new F40-generation BMW 1 Series in Germany. But, since a pesky embargo means we’re not allowed to publish our driving impression of the M135i xDrive variant just yet (check back on July 17), here are 10 things you should know about Munich’s newest hatchback...

1. The 2,0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol unit is the company’s most powerful production unit in this configuration to date.

2. The engine develops 225 kW between 5 000 and 6 250 r/min and 450 N.m between 1 750 and 4 500 r/min. The claimed sprint time to 100 km/h is 4,8 seconds.

3. BMW claims it started work on the third-generation 1 Series some six years ago.

4. The 1 Series platform has been developed from BMW’s first front-wheel-drive architecture, which underpinned the 2 Series Active Tourer.

5. BMW’s management hinted to us a hybrid version could be on the cards. We strongly suspect such a model will be launched either in 2020 or soon thereafter.

6. To deal with this much torque being sent through to front axle or all four wheels, a mechanical Torsen limited slip differential creates 39 percent locking under load and 26 percent on the overrun.

7. The M135i xDrive sits 10 mm closer to the ground than the regular models. The optional M Sport suspension on the rest of the range also offers a 10 mm drop, but obviously not the same type of suspension and bracing.

8. All models in the range come with multi-link rear axles.

9. The 1 Series will be available with BMW’s so-called “reversing assistant”, which when activated sees the vehicle back up along the same path for the last 50 metres of forward travel.

10. The pseudo-air-outlets in the rear bumper are a design element, but the vertical units on the far sides of the front bumper direct air around the front wheels.

While you wait for our driving impression, have a look at local 1 Series pricing...

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