You might expect the lightest vehicles we tested in 2019 (yes, we weigh every single one) to be high-performance vehicles best suited to track work, but that's simply not the case. In fact, of the 75 vehicles we featured over the year, the five lightest were all budget-beating daily runabouts (with three from the Suzuki stable)...

5. Suzuki Vitara 1,4 Turbo GLX 6MT – 1 149 kg

Sharing the same 1,4-litre BoosterJet engine as the Suzuki Swift Sport means the flagship Vitara isn't short on punch. And the fact it weighs just under 1,2 tonnes certainly helps, too.

4. Mahindra KUV100 Nxt G80 K8 – 1 103 kg

The KUV100 Nxt may bear peculiar proportions, but its low mass and free-revving engine make it a zippy crossover. Since making its local market debut in 2016, the KUV100 has become the best-selling passenger car in Mahindra’s range.

3. Suzuki Jimny 1,5 GLX ALLGRIP – 1 089 kg

The Jimny is a true mountain-climber thanks to its capable suspension setup and four-wheel-drive system. We're sure countless “David versus Goliath” tales of the Suzuki’s off-road prowess have already been told around the braai...

2. Suzuki Ciaz 1,5 GLX MT – 1 037 kg

If you own a Suzuki Ciaz and your friend starts bragging to you about how his BMW M3 CS weighs just 1 597 kg, you’ll be able to let him know that’s a whole 560 kg heavier than your sedan. Despite this figure, it’s a roomy sedan; its 806 mm of rear legroom rivals that of sedans from the luxury class, while a boot space figure of 424 litres trounces all competitors.

1. Datsun Go 1,2 Lux – 864 kg

Interestingly, the facelifted Datsun Go tipped our scales at some 74 kg heavier than the 1,2 Lux model we tested for our December 2014 issue. Based on our time with this revised unit, we’d suggest at least a portion of this additional mass is as a result of a more generous application of sound-deadening materials throughout.

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