At CAR magazine, we take every new vehicle we feature to our test strip to gather data for our in-depth road tests. Sometimes, we see some pretty underwhelming results. Below we have listed the worst 0-100 km/h times we’ve collected over the past 12 months. Yes, these are the slowest-accelerating cars from the pool of 77 vehicles we tested in 2018…

5. Haval H2 1,5T Luxury: 13,50 seconds

Haval H2

One of the Haval H2's key weaknesses is its turbocharged engine. Not because it has a low output (peak power of 105 kW is certainly nothing to be sniffed at), but rather since it suffers from a noticeable amount of turbolag.

4. Nissan Micra Active 1,2 Vista: 13,52 seconds

Nissan Micra active

Based on the previous-generation model and employing a single overhead cam engine, the Micra Active is an attractive value proposition. Of course, it's no performance machine, as evidenced by its tested 0-100 km/h time...

3. Opel Crossland X 1,2T Enjoy: 13,53 seconds

Opel Crossland X

The Opel Crossland X isn't the quickest SUV around (though it's obviously not built for straight-line speed), with its turbocharged 1,2-litre engine having plenty of body to lug around. The German firm claims a zero to 100 km/h time of 10,6 seconds, but the Crossland X struggled to get anywhere near that chiefly thanks to the baggy shift action of its manual gearbox.

2. Toyota Fortuner 2,4 GD-6 4x4 6AT: 13,92 seconds

Toyota Fortuner

It’s great off the beaten track, but when it comes to picking up speed in a straight line on tarmac, the 2,4-litre turbodiesel Fortuner isn't the quickest. Regardless, it’s a clever introduction to the range and fills a gap that other manufacturers have left open in this segment.

1. Mahindra Pik Up DC S10 4x4: 14,63 seconds

Mahindra Pickup

It’s all about getting the job done when it comes to the Pik Up ... as long as that job isn't sprinting in a straight line. Yes, the Pik Up takes the crown from 2017's slowest tested vehicle, the Mahindra TUV300 1,5...

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