Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov, which is perhaps best known for its AK-47 assault rifle, has unveiled a concept vehicle that it says will rival Elon Musk's Tesla.

Presented in a pale blue body with accompanying white wheels, the weapon giant’s prototype electric vehicle, dubbed the CV-1, was unveiled at a defence expo outside Moscow.

The CV-1 is based on a 1970s Soviet hatchback called the IZh 2125 “Kombi”. And, according to holding company Kalashnikov Concern, the CV-1 concept was inspired by the “experience of global market leaders” and employs several “original” and “revolutionary” systems to enable the arms firm to compete with American electric car manufacturer, Tesla.

According to Kalashnikov, the CV-1 prototype is able to travel 350 km on a single charge. That's some four kilometres fewer than Tesla’s cheapest offering, the Model 3 fitted with a standard battery pack, and 189 kilometres fewer than the California-based company’s range-topping Model S.

The company hasn't released much in the way of technical specifications, but does say that the prototype's electric powertrain produces 220 kW, which in turn allows a claimed zero to 100 km/h sprint time of less than six seconds.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time Kalashnikov has attempted to appeal to a wider range of consumers. Kalashnikov Concern also fairly recently revealed an electric motorcycle, the SM-1, and before that a clothing line, mobile phone covers and even umbrellas...

Author: Marius Boonzaier

Original article from Car