APR, a US-based firm specialising in Volkswagen Group products, has taken the wraps off its bonkers new 400 kW Golf R at the 2018 SEMA show.

Dubbed the Golf RLMS, the tuned hatchback has had APR’s Stage III+ engine kit applied to its turbocharged 2,0-litre four-cylinder heart. A twin-scroll Borg Warner turbocharger helps almost double the stock power output, while also pushing peak torque to 643 N.m.

APR’s Stage III+ ECU kit is also included, along with upgraded injectors and fuel pump, APR downpipe, carbon-fibre intake system, a new intercooler and more. The tuner says the result is a 10-second quarter-mile pass and a 0-225 km/h sprint some 15 seconds quicker than a stock Golf R.

The body kit draws inspiration from touring car racing, providing the additional width necessary to accommodate widened wheels and tyres. The RLMS features an aggressive front splitter and adjustable rear wing, along with an APR roll-control racing coilover system, roll-control stabiliser bars, a custom APR exhaust and new two-piece wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber.

A custom roll cage has been integrated into the RLMS, as have OMP racing harnesses and a fire extinguisher system. The interior modifications furthermore include racing bucket seats with RLMS embroidery on the seat backs.

"APR’s extensive racing history has helped us to develop the Golf RLMS,” said APR president, Mitch Williams. “We wanted to create a Stage III track car that can dominate circuits around the country.”

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