Audi has plans to bring back its Horch moniker for a new, ultra-luxury halo model in the Audi A8 line up. This model will likely be revealed in two to three years time, when the A8 is due for a facelift, Automotive News reports.

For those of you unfamiliar with Horch, the 100-year old brand merged with DKW in 1932 to denote the company's large-displacement luxury cars before becoming the Audi brand we know today.

A Horch A8 will compete with the likes of Mercedes-Maybach and feature a greater suite of equipment than a regular Audi A8, such as different wheels, special branding and, most importantly, a hefty W12 engine (although an anonymous source has stated that a V8-powered variant would work as well).

Despite being a more exclusive A8, it’s unlikely that the Horch model will have an elongated wheelbase, as the A8 L already has that base covered. The name is also currently planned to be exclusive to the A8, Audi having confirmed that it will not turn it into a standalone brand, as Maybach did with little success in the early 2000s.

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