A high-ranking executive at BMW’s M division says high-performance electric bakkies hold great potential.

Speaking to motoring.com.au, Daniel Schmidt, head of product management at BMW M, suggested while the firm had no concrete plans to enter the light commercial segment (despite creating an X7-based double-cab in 2019), a pick-up “would be a good concept for electromobility”.

“First, we decide what’s the right concept for us, and so far we are not at all in pick-up trucks, for example,” Schmidt told the Australian publication, talking about the inevitable first all-electric vehicle from the M division.

“But if you would think from the other way around, like where can I put as [many] battery cells in with a certain freedom of height, then a pick-up truck would be a good concept for electromobility, for sure.”

That said, Schmidt emphasised the Munich-based firm was not actively looking at the bakkie space, electric or otherwise.

“Because you have the wheelbase, the length of the car, freedom below the body, you can cool it easily, but we will not decide for a body type just because it’s easier.

“Most cars on the market are going up to approximately 100 kWh [battery packs]. A pick-up can definitely put in more. If the concept is made for electromobility it’s always a question of where’s the space?

“The bigger the car, the better you can fit batteries in. The more batteries the less important weight would be, the easier it is to achieve the range goals you might have,” he added.

Schmidt admitted upcoming electric bakkies such as Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian's R1T were “interesting concepts”, but added “we will always find our own way”.

“We will always try [to] find the best solution for a high-performance car at BMW M. If we feel we have the best technical solution, we will go for it. But it has to fulfil our requirements.”

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