The head of BMW’s high-performance M division promises the upcoming M8 coupé will be the “ultimate performance machine”, claiming it is already being referred to as “a Porsche Turbo killer”.

Speaking to Australian media, Markus Flasch said the new M8 – powered by a twin-turbo 4,4-litre V8 petrol engine – would take things a step further for the brand.

“The first journalists [who] have driven this car compare it to the Porsche Turbo; they call it ‘a Porsche Turbo killer’,” Flasch said, according to

“This car is the ultimate performance machine that we will offer,” he added, explaining the M8 would be markedly different to the M5 sedan.

“The centre of gravity in M8 is 24 mm lower than the M5. You also sit lower in an M8, so for ergonomics, it’s also different.

“We even made the front much stiffer and the steering … feels different.”

Flasch also said the M8 would be the “fastest ever BMW M car on the Nürburgring Nordschleife”.

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