Ever wondered what Bugatti’s CEO drives every day? Well, wonder no more: Stephan Winkelmann has revealed his daily drive.

Speaking to Autocar, Winkelmann said his current vehicle came from within the wider Volkswagen Group.

“I have a [Porsche] Panamera Sport Turismo. I drive Bugatti models frequently to see the latest things, but other than that, I change my car once a year,” he told the British publication.

Of course, Winkelmann – who headed up Lamborghini for more than a decade – moved to Bugatti from Audi Sport.

“I worked a lot for Audi, so I like an RS,” the 55-year-old added.

Speaking about upcoming plans for Bugatti, Winkelmann said new variants of the Chiron were “a must”.

“The car gives us the opportunity to do so and if we didn’t, customers would not appreciate what you can get out of this car.

“Special editions? No, we did them at the beginning and now I think the team have enough to do to achieve what we promised. Divo deliveries will start this year,” he said.

Original article from Car