Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann says although the French brand is “ready for more than one model”, he didn’t ever confirm it would be an SUV.

In September 2018, the 53-year-old seemingly dropped a hint that the hypercar-maker could be considering building an SUV.

Now, speaking to Motor Trend, the former Lamborghini boss again said if the firm “did a second model, it would enter into a different segment”, but added “I never said we are building a Bugatti SUV”.

“The press said it because I pushed for the Urus at Lamborghini. Coming from my background, what I said is that we are looking into every segment, body style and region. It has to be an approach good for the world and not one part. We have an idea of where we want to go,” Winkelmann told Motor Trend.

“It's not about volumes, but in terms of visibility; if you sell 100 cars or 1 000 cars, there's still no visibility. But we cannot do a copy of what we do today. So a second car has to enable us to sell more than we sell today. It would be a different segment with a different price tag, but above all the other competition.

Winkelmann furthermore revealed a top speed run for the Chiron was “not on the agenda”, before adding an open-top version of the hypercar was not planned either.

Original article from Car