There once was a time when you needed to physically visit a vehicle showroom if you were interested in buying a new set of wheels. Yes, you could scour the classifieds to narrow down your requirements to a specific vehicle, but eventually you still needed to visit the local dealership.

Over the past decade or so, searching for a new car has become far easier thanks to the popularity of online platforms (including's own), bringing hundreds of showrooms to our computer screens. With many of us confined to our homes at the moment, prospective car buyers are spending much of their time online. Here, we can search for the perfect colour, scrutinise the photographs and compare performance figures.

When the time comes to put down your laptop or smartphone and head over to the dealership, though, you’re faced with lengthy and laborious discussions about finance and payment plans, detracting from the excitement laying your hands on the keys. But what if you could shop for a vehicle online, see one that tickles your fancy and apply for finance from the comfort of your own home?

Well, with a simple visit to, you can now do just that!

Sounds interesting. How does it work?

1. Search for your next car.

2. Once you've found the car of your dreams, click on the self-financing button on the vehicle page.

3. You'll be redirected to

4. Complete the form and be sure to include all necessary documents, including but not limited to:
Qualifying criteria
Item information
Personal information
Work and salary details
Financial details

5. Once your documents are uploaded and your application has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

6. Your application is then sent to various banks (depending on the financial service provider that particular dealer works with).

The dealer will then contact you regarding your finance outcome.

So, what are the benefits of CARmag Easy Financing?

Financing a car has never been this easy. Applying from the comfort of your own home makes this a highly convenient alternative to the norm.

Okay, but will my personal details be safe?

Yes! When applying for finance, the process is completed over a secure network, with your information being stored confidentially. 

But won't the dealership need any paperwork?

It will, but you simply upload the supporting documents needed for the purchasing of your dream ride.

And if I have a query?

Don't worry, our fast and easy application process is backed up by a readily available customer care service, primed to assist via email or telephone.

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