Russian firm Technoimpulse has taken the wraps off its crazy new Rocket Z 310-91 ... and the monster 6x6 SUV has pretty much everything you need for an adventure out into the wild.

Power (although seemingly not all that much) comes from a 2,5-litre D4BH turbodiesel engine sourced from Hyundai, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and linked to two 80-litre fuel tanks.

This engine drives a permanent 4x4 system with a driveline connecting to the third axle, rendering the vehicle a 6x6. Crosswheel limited-slip differentials and axle locks are also included to improve the Z 310-91's effectiveness as an off-roader.

With seating for 11 passengers, the monster Rocket Z 310-91 has been designed to accommodate large groups heading through challenging terrain. Fold away the seats, though, and it becomes a clever cargo-mover.

Technoimpulse says the 6x6 SUV can also be used as a search and rescue vehicle. Indeed, it comes fitted with a set of Hella optic lamps, power steering boosters, front winches and a centralised wheel inflation system.

Interestingly, the company also offers the Rocket Z 210-91, which loses one axle and features a smaller cabin.

Original article from Car