Bugatti says the first examples of its Divo have finally been delivered to customers, some two years after the Chiron-based vehicle was revealed.

When the Divo was unveiled in Monterey in August 2018, all 40 build slots had already been sold, with each starting at around €5-million.

“The Divo marks a milestone in Bugatti’s history spanning over 110 years. The Divo will now enter our history books alongside the cutting-edge Veyron and Chiron hyper sportscars,” said Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti.

“The Divo starts a new era at Bugatti – the era of modern coachbuilding. With the Divo we have created a highly customised masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship that is a must-have for any Bugatti collection.”

As with the Chiron on which it is based, the Divo is powered by a quad-turbo 8,0-litre W16 engine, churning out 1 103 kW. But the French automaker has “intensively fine-tuned” the new model’s aerodynamics, while the suspension and chassis settings have also been thoroughly modified.

Compared with the Chiron, the Divo is 35 kg lighter and boasts 90 kg more downforce. Its lateral acceleration has been boosted to 1,6 g, while maximum speed is limited to 380 km/h (thanks chiefly to the Divo’s increased camber), compared with the 420 km/h the Chiron is able to achieve.

Original article from Car