A Ford executive has called out Tesla for its video showing the new Cybertruck engaging in a tug of war with an F-150, and Elon Musk has responded.

At the recent reveal of the Cybertruck, Musk played a video showing the electric bakkie pulling an F-150 (seemingly a rear-driven variant) uphill, before posting the same 16-second clip to Twitter.

But Sundeep Madra, vice-president of Ford X (the Blue Oval brand’s “venture incubator”), later tagged Musk on Twitter, challenging the SA-born 48-year-old to an “apples to apples” test.

Musk’s reply? “Bring it on”...

As a reminder, the unconventionally styled six-seater electric bakkie boasts a claimed payload capacity of nearly 1 600 kg, with the most powerful (triple-motor) model’s towing rating coming in at about 6 350 kg.



Original article from Car