Mercedes-Benz officials have confirmed the Stuttgart-based company will not build coupé or cabriolet variants of its new S-Class.

Speaking to the press after the reveal of the new-generation S-Class sedan, Britta Seeger, who heads up marketing and sales for Mercedes-Benz, explained the decision.

“We took the decision to not – with the new S-Class – continue with cabriolet and coupé,” Seeger said, according to

“Customers around the globe more and more are going from the sedan style into the SUV style," she said.

“From the SUV style, they’re asking more and more [for] the SUV-coupé style, and what we’re trying to do is follow these trends – or to set trends – and derive the right product portfolio as an ongoing task,” she added.

Ola Källenius, the head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, meanwhile suggested the company would fill these gaps with other products.

“You don’t have to worry at all that you’re not going to get an adequate luxury offering if you want a sporty two-door, either coupé or cabrio,” Källenius said, according to the Australian publication.

Markus Schäfer, Mercedes-Benz Cars chief operating officer, went into a little more detail when speaking to Autocar.

“They are great cars, the coupé and cabriolet, but I can tell you there is in one or the other fashion something coming that will replace it. If you look at the new SL coming, I think we will have many customers of the S-Class cabriolet looking at this car,” he said.

“Cabriolets are not something for China, they are not that strong anymore in the US, so we have to make some choices. So we will have S-Class: short, long [wheelbase], Maybach, which will be very differentiated from the long versions; but we have other icons that we have not paid attention to for a while such as SL.”

Of course, Mercedes recently confirmed it had tasked its Affalterbach-based AMG performance division with developing a new SL Roadster.

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