The Hyundai Motor Group’s chief designer has promised the Korean brand’s range will move away from a so-called “family look”, with each individual model set to embrace “more extravagant” styling.

Speaking to, Luc Donckerwolke said Hyundai would not follow the “Russian doll” design strategy implemented by some rivals.

“Previously, we had a family look. We obviously want customers to recognise the brand,” Donckerwolke told the Australian publication.

“But this is not the message. We want to move from the family look to the Hyundai look. From now on, Hyundai design will have a spectrum. We will be much more extravagant, more expansive. In all segments.

“It’s like a chess set. The pieces all look different, they are function differently, but together they function as a team,” he explained.

Donckerwolke said the fresh approach had started with the new Sonata.

“As sedans are losing speed, we need to give more emotion. We have to have more emotion or the decline will be even faster. To have a four-door with a sporty design is the most difficult task.”

Original article from Car