The head of design at Audi says while he respects BMW for coming up with the idea of combining a coupé-like roofline with an SUV body style, he “honestly” doesn’t “like it”.

Speaking to Autocar, Marc Lichte revealed he appreciated the rival German firm’s idea to create the original X6, although hinted he believed it wasn’t very well executed.

“I have a big respect for BMW for coming up with the idea to combine a coupé with an SUV but, honestly, I don’t like it,” Lichte said.

So, what about Audi’s efforts at building a swoopy crossover? Well, Lichte interestingly revealed he preferred the E-tron Sportback to the standard E-tron.

“We thought: ‘how can we do this in a very attractive way?’ and you will see the E-tron Sportback [is the result]. I love it. We took the bottom part of the E-tron, cut the roofline and [added] the A7 roof. Very simple,” he told the publication.

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