Those looking to hang onto their Audi after the standard motor plan has lapsed, will be pleased to hear that there's now an option to extend it for another five years or 300 000 km, with a service interval of one-year or 30 000 km.

The extended plan by Audi South Africa covers services, wear and tear items and certain repairs after a specialised Audi Dealer assessment. Additionally, it warrants against potential defective workmanship, long with the replacement and repair of defective parts.

“We are all aware that vehicles become costly to look after as they become older. At Audi we have also acknowledged that general consumer spending pressures have resulted in longer ownership cycles. For this reason the newly launched Audi Freeway Plan extension is great value for those customers wanting added peace of mind when owning and looking after their Audi vehicle,” says Head of Audi South Africa,Trevor Hill.

The cost of this extended plan varies based on the vehicle. Quotations are available from any Audi dealership.

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