There is a clear concern regarding the current state of vehicle safety within the local taxi industry. To help combat this issue, Bridgestone South Africa has developed a tyre that will improve the safety of local taxis at a lower cost than standard passenger vehicle tyres.
To be produced locally, the new tyre will be known as the Bridgestone Taxi R15 and be sized at 613V 195 R15C. With 20% of accidents involving tyre failure as a contributing factor, Bridgestone hopes its new creation will help to curb this worrying trend. The tyre is developed specifically for the Toyota HiAce Ses’fikile and meets the Original Auto Equipment Manufacturer requirements.
This partnership between a tyre company and the taxi industry is the first of its kind in South Africa. To make it more accessible to taxi owners, the new tyre will be sold at a R400 discount (per tyre) through the SA Taxi Rewards programme. Without this, the tyre will retail for R1 700.
“The introduction of the Taxi R15s will result in an increase in demand and sales for Bridgestone tyres. Given that these tyres will be produced locally, we will create much-needed jobs in South Africa, boosting the economy through this contribution to the manufacturing sector,” says Jacques Fourie, CEO of Bridgestone South Africa.


Original article from Car