Following a heavy focus on electric vehicle's at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, it would appear many manufacturers have shown their intent when it comes to the allocation of development budgets. It comes as little surprise then that the Daimler group has decided to halt further development on its petrol and diesel engines.

According to Auto Motor Sport, head of Mercedes-Benz group research, Markus Schäfer, declared that after the group's recent refresh of its internal combustion range of vehicles, it is pausing any future developments in this department, with a view to focusing solely on electrification, electric drives and battery technologies.

Schäfer also confirms that the overall budget for research and development will not be cut. It’s believed that this news translates to the current crop of the brand's combusiton engines, including the relatively new 3,0-litre straight-six with its 48 V mild-hybrid system, being the last of its kind.

Schäfer did, however, suggest that this decision could be reversed should market condition change in the future. 

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