Scuderia South Africa has warned local Ferrari owners of a group of vehicle-theft “fraudsters” currently operating in the country.

Ferrari’s local distributor posted an alert on its various social media channels warning customers of a “scam currently doing the rounds”.

“We have been informed that there are fraudsters who are impersonating Ferrari dealers and calling customers to inform them that their vehicle is part of a recall campaign,” Scuderia SA said.

“Once go ahead is given by the owner they send a flatbed truck to the owner’s premises to collect the vehicle,” the company explained.

The warning comes after an 812 Superfast was reportedly stolen in Randburg before being crashed at the Lebombo border with Mozambique. It is thought the 588 kW V12-powered 812 Superfast was stolen using the method outlined above.

“Should there be a recall of Ferrari vehicles, or service campaigns of any kind, Ferrari headquarters will never call you directly requesting the collection of your car. If you get a call from someone you believe is falsely claiming to be a Ferrari employee, please contact the dealership in question directly to validate the information,” Scuderia SA added.

Ferrari isn’t the first brand to be targeted locally, with Toyota South Africa Motors informing its customers of a similar scam in October 2019.

Original article from Car