While Naamsa no longer releases individual model sales to the public, we’ve laid our hands on Volkswagen South Africa’s figures for September 2020.

For the record, VW South Africa registered 4 611 passenger vehicle sales over the month, with the figure rising to 5 122 if the Audi brand is included. In total (that is, including light- and medium-commercial vehicles), VW Group SA hit 5 458 units.

So, which passenger-vehicle models performed best for the Wolfsburg-based brand in September? Well, predictably, the Polo Vivo (at 1 621 units, again SA’s best-selling passenger car for the month) was at the top of the pile, followed by the likewise locally produced Polo hatchback on 1 299 units.

Next was the Polo Sedan (466), with the T-Cross (446) and Tiguan (428) hot on its heels. The outgoing Golf 7 contributed 276 units, with the Caddy MPV next on 30. The Touareg added 27 units, while the outgoing Kombi (10) and Caravelle (5) brought up the rear, just ahead of the now-discontinued Up (3).

In the light commercial space, the Caddy led the charge with 162 units, followed by the Amarok (120). The Transporter range added five units, while the Crafter managed 49 units in the medium commercial segment.

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