Honda Motor Southern Africa says it has “no plans” to discontinue the BR-V locally despite the model going out of production in India.

Describing the seven-seater SUV as a “core model” in its line-up, Honda SA suggested it would source the BR-V from another (unspecified) factory.

“Honda Motor Southern Africa has no plans to discontinue the BR-V and is currently securing sufficient stock of the BR-V from India while the alternate factory is being set up for production,” said Dinesh Govender, general manager of automobiles at Honda Motor SA.

At the moment, the BR-V is also built in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. While it's not yet clear where SA-spec models will come from in future, it'll be interesting to see whether the change will impact pricing.

“The BR-V remains one of our pillar models in the local line-up and is currently the only seven-seater sport utility vehicle in its price class. This affords the BR-V a significant advantage over its competitors, and consistently makes it one of our top two best-sellers in South Africa along with the Honda Amaze compact sedan,” he added.

In February, a refreshed version of the BR-V arrived in South Africa, sporting “subtle changes” to its interior and exterior design, new features and a tweaked service plan.


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