Mini has renamed the alloy wheels it offers as an option on the new Cooper SE thanks to a coincidental connection to the coronavirus.

While the Cooper SE – the BMW-backed brand’s first fully electric production car – ships standard on 16-inch alloys, the company also offers a model-specific 17-inch design called the “Corona Spoke”.

Now, according to CarBuzz, the firm has renamed the wheel design “Power Spoke”.

"This was done to ensure Mini remains sensitive to all those experiencing the widespread impacts of COVID-19," a Mini spokesperson told the publication.

"Although the name of this wheel design was in place a good time prior to the current pandemic, we're making sure all marketing and consumer communications materials are being updated to reflect the new name of this wheel design. It's simply the right thing to do," the spokesperson added.

Earlier in April 2020, broke the news of the starting price for the new Mini Cooper SE, which is set to become South Africa’s least expensive electric car.

As a reminder, the three-door Cooper SE’s lithium-ion battery enables a claimed range of between 235 and 270 km. The 32,6 kWh battery can be charged at a household socket, wallbox or public charging station, with fast direct-current charging possible at up to 50 kW.

Its electric motor offers 135 kW and 270 N.m to the front wheels via a single-speed transmission (and an integrated differential), facilitating a sprint from zero to 60 km/h in a claimed 3,9 seconds and from standstill to 100 km/h in a claimed 7,3 seconds. Top speed is limited to 150 km/h.

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