The new global head of Lexus says the popularity of the SUV body style will likely wane by about 2025.

Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Koji Sato, who stepped into the role of Lexus president as recently as January 2020, suggested “people will want something new” in five years or so.

Sato told the publication SUVs currently accounted for “about 65 percent” of Lexus sales globally.

“We think this trend will continue for another five years or so but after that, maybe SUVs will be on the ropes and people will want something new. We need to prepare for something other than the SUV over the next 10 years,” he said.

Interestingly, the 50-year-old said the Toyota-backed luxury brand would “not expand” its vehicle line-up just to compete with German rivals offering coupé-style SUVs, although he wouldn’t rule out introducing a smaller model below the UX.

“We need to investigate whether there is any opportunity in the B-segment. We are not sure right now. Many car manufacturers go into this segment but sometimes disappear so it's complicated.

“It's a very difficult part of the market because the business is fractured globally. It's mainly Europe and some Asian countries, including Japan, but the US? No chance,” he added.

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