Mahindra South Africa has announced the launch of optional service plan packages for entry-level models not sold standard with such items.

In addition, the company has rolled out optional extended warranties and service-plan “top ups”.

The Indian firm says its new plans have been introduced across all dealers and all product ranges, adding they offer “uncapped coverage on defined parts”.

“Our research shows that our Mahindra bakkie and SUV owners have great trust in their cars. They know that they can rely on their Mahindra to transport their family, travel to work or on holiday or support their businesses. With our new plans, they can now extend that trust well beyond the usual length of a warranty or service plan,” said Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra SA.

“Our new plans not only guarantee that customers will not pay extra on services and mechanical repairs covered by the mechanical warranty or service plan, but we guarantee that all services and repairs will be done by trained Mahindra technicians, using Mahindra genuine parts and Maximile oils.”

So, what sort of cash are you looking at here? Well, Mahindra SA’s press material says only that the plans are “competitively priced against other similar services” offered by non-Mahindra outlets. Still, we had a dig around and found the following pricing for the optional service plans.

Optional three-year/60 000 km service plan

Bolero: R16 999 (or R1 000 more for the 4x4 variants)
Genio: R16 999
Pik Up 4x2 S4 single-cab: R18 999 (or R1 000 less for the older Scorpio Pik Up in 4x2 Loader guise)
KUV100 Nxt K4+: R11 499
Thar: R19 999

Optional five-year/100 000 km service plan

Bolero: R23 999 (or R1 500 more for the 4x4 variants)
Genio: R24 999
Pik Up 4x2 S4 single-cab: R22 499
KUV100 Nxt K4+: R19 999
Thar: R30 999

Click here for the service plan top-up price per model...

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