Rezvani Motors has challenged Tesla to a “ballistics test”, while also describing the new Cybertruck as the “worst professionally designed car of all time”.

The California-based firm, which happens to build an armoured off-roader called the Tank, put out a press release calling out Tesla.

“Rezvani Motors challenges Tesla to a ballistics test to verify [its] ballistics claims,” the short statement said, before suggesting the Cybertruck’s tug of war with what appeared to be a rear-driven Ford F-150 raised “more questions in Tesla’s claims than just [the truck’s] tow capacity”.

“Tesla, bring your balls and we’ll bring our AK[47],” CEO Ferris Rezvani said.

“Let’s do a real ballistics test; heck, we’re in for the tug of war challenge, too. The Tesla truck is the worst professionally designed car of all time and we will fix at no cost,” he added.

In August 2019, Rezvani revealed a new version of its flagship Tank X (priced from around R5,4-million!), powered by a supercharged 6,2-litre V8 tuned to deliver 745 kW and 1 180 N.m.

Tick the “Military Edition” box and you’ll score items such as thermal night-vision, kevlar armour, bulletproof glass, military-grade runflat tyres, underside explosive protection, electro-magnetic pulse protection, electrified door handles, sirens and strobe lights, a smoke screen, blinding front and rear lights, magnetic dead bolts, gas masks and a hypothermia kit.

As a reminder, Tesla’s unconventionally styled six-seater electric Cybertruck bakkie employs an exterior shell made for “ultimate durability and passenger protection”. The “nearly impenetrable” exoskeleton is fashioned from "ultra-hard" cold-rolled stainless steel, while the glass has been armoured. The range-topping (triple-motor) variant will sprint to 100 km/h in about 2,9 seconds, says Elon Musk.

Original article from Car