The Automobile Association has confirmed there will be some changes to fuel prices at the end of this month. Petrol will undergo a slight decrease, according to data released by the Central Energy Fund.

As a result, the price of petrol will drop by seven cents a litre, while diesel will increase by 12 cents. These changes aren’t as compared to last month’s increase of 56 cents for petrol and diesel’s five cent decrease.

"The Rand has slipped marginally by thirteen cents against the US dollar since the Department of Energy's surprise early announcement of the May fuel price on Sunday, April 28," the report adds.

The AA also announced a forthcoming Carbon Tax levy set to commence on the 5th of June and will add nine cents a litre to petrol and 10 cents to the cost of diesel.

"Our hope is that the new government will immediately set out its policy agenda which has a direct impact on fuel prices," the AA concludes.

Original article from Car