A few days ago, American hypercar builder SSC released a video depicting its latest creation, the Tuatara, smashing the top speed record for a production car with a figure of 508,73 km/h. However, SSC boss Jerod Shelby reveals that there was an editing error with said video but assures that the record still stands.

Shelby acknowledges that “a swirl of interest and speculation” now surrounds the video which put into question whether the Tuatara achieved the record-breaking figure that was claimed. In response to this, he explains why the video was not a faithful representation of the run.

Capturing the record on the day was a video team provided by Driven Studios who had been documenting SSC’s development of the Tuatara. Because of this relationship, the team became a trusted partner and was chosen to document the top speed run conducted in Nevada on the 10th of October.

“On October 19, the day the news broke, we thought there were two videos that had been released; one from the cockpit, with data of the speed run overlaid, and another video of b-roll running footage.” Shelby explains.

“Somehow, there was a mix-up on the editing side, and I regret to admit that the SSC team hadn’t double checked the accuracy of the video before it was released. We also hadn’t realized that not one, but two different cockpit videos existed, and were shared with the world.”

“Hypercar fans have quickly cried foul, and we hadn’t immediately responded, because we had not realised the inconsistencies; that there were two videos, each with inaccurate information that had been shared. This was not our intention. Like me, the head of the production team had not initially realised these issues, and has brought on technical partners to identify the cause of the inconsistency.” Shelby affirms.

Since this controversy, SSC confirms that it will be releasing the actual footage in its simplest form which will be shared as soon as it is available.

As for the record, Shelby assures that, thanks to a 15-satellite system provided by Dewetron, the top speed figure is indeed accurate and that the SSC Tuatara retains its title of the fastest production car. Regardless, SSC is in the process of submitting the Dewetron equipment and speed sensor for further analysis and accuracy verification.

Original article from Car