A high-ranking Toyota executive says the new Tesla Cybertruck is exciting and innovative, adding he welcomes “healthy” competition in the bakkie segment.

In November 2019, the US-based firm unveiled its new six-seater Cybertruck electric bakkie, which employs an exterior shell made for “ultimate durability and passenger protection”.

Tesla says the triple-motor flagship version will travel more than 800 km on a single charge and vanquish the obligatory sprint in less than 2,9 seconds.

Speaking to motoring.com.au, Toyota Australia vice-president of sales and marketing, Sean Hanley, suggested the unveiling of the new model was exciting.

“I think it’s exciting there’s such innovation and vision and foresight in our industry,” Hanley said. “It’s an exciting time in our industry. Lots of things happening and lots of changes.”

In October 2019, Hanley confirmed the Hilux and Land Cruiser bakkies would in future feature “some type of electrification”. But he now hinted the vehicles would likely go hybrid first rather than full-electric.

“I think these kinds of innovations and visions of the future are all exciting. But in the end, it all gets down to practical, real-world solutions. Affordable motoring. This is why I’m saying hybrid electric, right now, is the most practical solution.

“I’ve often said that competition is healthy. Never fear it, because it will stimulate everyone and everything,” Hanley added.

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