Last October, Swedish publication Teknikens Värld put the new Toyota RAV4 to the “Moose Test” which it ended up failing. The model that was put to the test was the all-wheel-drive hybrid variant which isn’t offered in SA.

Toyota took this test seriously and has updated the RAV4’s vehicle stability system (VSC) in order to help it pass this rigorous test. The system now applies more braking force to keep the vehicle in check.

The RAV4 successfully passed the test at 72 km/h and showed similar characteristics at 70 km/h. A big difference was noticed at 65 km/h compared to the previous test. The testers noted that at 70 km/h the RAV4's suspension compresses on the outer side, resulting in a noticeable degree of body lean. But while this technically constitutes compromised handling, it doesn't stop the RAV4 from passing the test.

There is a catch, though. Teknikens Värld reveals that consumers are required to request the VSC software update from dealerships. This update will be available from the second quarter of 2020.

Original article from Car