Toyota says it has remained “in pretty constant contact” with BMW as it continues to tweak its Supra.

Of course, the A90-generation Supra was developed alongside the latest Z4 roadster, with the rear-driven Japanese sportscar employing both the Munich-based firm’s platform and powertrain options.

Jack Hollis, group vice-president and general manager of the Toyota Division at Toyota Motor North America, told Autoblog the company planned to keep the Supra fresh with fairly regular updates.

He also revealed Toyota and BMW remained in regular contact, saying “we still are bouncing our ideas off each other and sharing our information” despite there being "a lot more separation".

“It’s not devoid of conversation. It’s not devoid of engineering … chief engineer [Tetsuya] Tada and his team stay in pretty constant contact with BMW on features,” Hollis said.

Ben Haushalter, Toyota's senior manager of vehicle product planning, added more detail.

“Toyota is still wholly responsible for the tuning and chassis setup on this car,” Haushalter pointed out. “We have a team of engineers stationed in Munich that work side-by-side with BMW guys.”

In February 2020, Toyota South Africa Motors confirmed the GR Supra was in line for a power upgrade, with the updated model on the cards for a local introduction.

In mid-January 2020, Toyota SA confirmed it had no plans to introduce the 2,0-litre, four-cylinder version of the Supra, explaining the 3,0-litre model “suits the local market best”.

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