Volkswagen has announced it will reveal its new “more modern, clearer” logo at the Frankfurt motor show in September as part of its rebranding efforts.

The last time the logo was updated was back in 2012, when it was given a more three-dimensional look.

In a statement, the Wolfsburg-based firm says the “simpler” logo has been “reduced to its essential elements and presented with a new design that is flat and two-dimensional”. This, says VW, will allow “more flexible use and will be outstandingly recognisable in digital media”.

The new brand design – which the company bills as “significantly younger, more digital and therefore more modern” – will be presented under the motto of “New Volkswagen” and come at the same time as the launch of the ID3 electric vehicle. Interestingly, the brand will also gain a “sound logo” for the first time, replacing the usual slogan. In addition, the Volkswagen brand will have a female voice in the future.

VW says the international roll-out of the new brand design will begin in Frankfurt and be followed by the unveiling of the new logo on the high-rise building at company headquarters in Wolfsburg.

According to the automaker, the changeover will be implemented in “several waves using a cost-optimised, resource-conserving approach”. Initially, the brand’s locations and dealers in Europe will be changed over, followed by China in October. The changeover will then be implemented step-by-step in North and South America as well as the rest of the world from the beginning of 2020.

Original article from Car