The head of research and development at Volkswagen admits the German brand now has “enough” SUVs and crossovers in its line-up.

Frank Welsch, VW board member responsible for technical development, told Autocar the firm had to “take care” it didn’t reduce its overall efficiency by offering too many SUV models.

"I don't think [the growth in SUV segments] is over but we have enough. We do not need ten more. We have to take care. We must have a portfolio that is efficient as a volume player," Welsch said.

"If we have too many models and sell 30 000 or 40 000 units a year, we can’t make money. We will focus on the cars that can be successful.”

With the Wolfsburg-based firm shifting its focus towards electric vehicles, Welsch revealed VW planned to discontinue certain MQB-based models "step by step".

"I don't think we'll have more cars than we have today. For SUVs, we are represented in every segment," he said.

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