A Volvo Cars executive says the response to the Swedish firm’s decision to limit the top speed of all its new vehicles to 180 km/h has been “mainly positive”.

Alexander Petrofski, vice-president for Volvo’s large (90 series) cars division, told CARmag.co.za the company saw itself as an industry leader in terms of safety.

“Safety is part of our company purpose, and an absolute priority. For us at Volvo, we strive to lead in safety and that means we will go first in the industry in implementing safety measures,” he told us.

“We did so with the seatbelt and we do so with this speed limitation. This decision has indeed created some debate, but overall we have mainly received positive reactions,” Petrofski said.

In May 2020, the Swedish firm announced all of its new models would be limited to 180 km/h, while acknowledging this could mean “losing potential customers”. A month later, the company admitted the decision had drawn some criticism but added “a lot of our customers are very supportive of what we’re doing”.

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