Toyota again dominated the latest vehicle quality survey conducted in South Africa by Ipsos, bagging as many as thirteen gold awards to put it at the very top of the pile.

This latest version of the Ipsos vehicle quality survey involved feedback from about 7 000 owners of vehicles from 16 brands. Ipsos says these participating brands (Audi, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Datsun, Lexus, Renault, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Infiniti, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, plus the since-departed Chevrolet and Citroën brands) represent more than 73 percent of new vehicles sold in South Africa via the dealer channel over the reporting period.

The scores take into account the average number of product-related defects, problems or issues reported by customers at approximately three months of ownership. Scores reflect proportions of problems and issues reported (so, the lower the score the better the quality).

Toyota’s thirteen gold awards (up from nine the previous year) included seven for passenger vehicles and six for light commercials. Note that more than one gold award was awarded in certain categories where two or more vehicles qualified by achieving the same scores.

Volkswagen, meanwhile, was the runner-up with eight golds. Other gold award winners included Audi with five, Isuzu and Honda with three apiece, and Nissan, Opel and Ford with two each.

Besides winning awards for individual models, both Toyota and Volkswagen also earned gold for their local passenger vehicle manufacturing plants. Audi won the gold award for best overall passenger vehicle brand (with the best combined score across all of their models), while Toyota, Opel, Nissan and Ford shared gold in the best volume passenger vehicle brand category.

Ipsos says Toyota was also the dominant player in the light commercial segment, collecting six gold awards to the three of Volkswagen and Isuzu and the one each garnered by Nissan and Ford.

The latest survey saw Toyota and Volkswagen share gold for the best light commercial vehicle brand overall, while Toyota won gold for the best light commercial manufacturing plant.

The best-rated passenger premium hatch surveyed was the Opel Adam with a score of 23 problems reported per 100 vehicles (PP100). The Honda Civic sedan managed 31 PP100 while the Audi A3 sedan was close behind on 32 PP100.

The highest-rated recreational vehicle was the (previous-generation) Volkswagen Touareg with a score of 10 PP100, with the Toyota RAV4 (33 PP100) second and Volvo XC60 (36 PP100) third. The petrol-powered Toyota Hilux single-cab bakkie with a score of 30 PP100 fared best among the light commercial vehicles, finishing ahead of the Isuzu KB extra-cab (56 PP100) and diesel-powered Volkswagen Amarok double-cab bakkie (69 PP100).

The lowest-ranked passenger vehicles were the Datsun Go Plus (147 PP100), Renault Kwid (146 PP100) and Ford Focus ST (117 PP100). The worst-performing recreational vehicles were the Renault Captur (92 PP100) and previous-generation Duster (90 PP100), while the lowest-ranked light commercial vehicles were the no-longer-in-SA Chevrolet Utility (128 PP100) and Nissan Hardbody (107 PP100).

Check out the key results of individual vehicles below, and the segment awards below that…

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