Jaguar Land Rover South Africa says all of its new vehicles are now available with the option of a cabin air ionisation system.

In addition, the British firm’s local arm says it will add a PM2.5 filter to the system for some of its models “by the end of 2020”, with the upgraded system available on all vehicles by the beginning of 2021.

According to Jaguar Land Rover, the optional cabin air ionisation system has been designed to improve air quality by reducing “allergens, airborne bacteria and associated odours”.

The setup employs a condenser and functions with the climate control system to electrically charge and ionise air particles, removing “pollutants and other harmful particles”.

Jaguar Land Rover says it will soon take the technology “a step further” with the introduction of a new cabin air ionisation with PM2.5 filter system. This features an “even stronger filtration system” to help prevent particulate matter measuring less than 2,5 micrometres from entering the cabin.

That’s sufficient, says the company, to “significantly reduce incidences of additional particulates entering the cabin that may cause bad smells, trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks; and balance enough fresh air to maintain driver alertness”.

An air-quality sensor scans the external air entering the vehicle and automatically engages the climate control’s recirculation setting should it detect harmful pollutants. The system also features an “air purge” function that activates fans remotely in order to freshen the cabin’s air prior to entry.

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