Jeep’s head of design says although the concept that previewed the new Land Rover Defender was “a little toylike”, the "final design works really well”.

Mark Allen, head of Jeep Design, told the DC100 concept that preceded the latest Defender “didn’t get much respect”.

“I know the issues they [Land Rover] had to go through. I love Land Rovers and that concept, it didn’t get much respect and it looked a little toylike. I understand that, but I think the final design works really well," he said.

Interestingly, Allen suggested a similarly modernised design would likely not work with the Wrangler.

“The Wrangler and Defender have similar missions, but the Wrangler is essentially a convertible. Taking the doors off, taking the roof off; that makes it difficult [to modernise] design-wise.

“The Wrangler is probably closer to that original Defender now,” he said.

Original article from Car