The next car set to join the ranks of McLaren’s Ultimate Series is the previously teased Speedtail, a 390+ km/h hypercar capable of seating three people. According to McLaren, 106 customers have each already ordered one ... and they'll each have the opportunity to add, er, unique trinkets to their car: 18-carat white-gold badges with carbon-fibre inlays.

The point of such an exorbitant option? McLaren says it's just one of the innovative ways the Speedtail combines art with extreme performance. The gold badge will be crafted by UK-based jewellery specialists, Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. The badges will be available in a set of three; one for the rear and two for the front.

They will be laser-etched with the McLaren logo as well as carry a time and place-of-creation stamp. The carbon-fibre inserts will be formed with McLaren’s "thin ply technology", allowing the front badge to weigh just 100 g. The alternative is a lighter lacquered transfer for the panel.

McLaren boasts this isn’t the first time one of its cars has used gold in its construction. You might remember the 1993 F1 famously had gold foil in its engine bay, functioning as a heat shield for the 6,1-litre V12. Expect to see more of the McLaren Speedtail when it debuts later in October.

Original article from Car