Mercedes-Benz’s chief design officer says while coupé-style crossovers are proving popular, the idea of a convertible crossover is not “appealing”.

Gorden Wagener, who heads up design for Mercedes-Benz, suggested to Autoblog the Stuttgart-based firm had no plans to lop the roof off one of its crossovers (the original G-Class, of course, was offered in various convertible forms but that was a proper SUV rather than crossover).

“I personally don't like that idea of convertible crossovers. I don't think that it makes an appealing car,” Wagener told the publication.

“I think it’s cool that somebody came up with that, just for the sake of diversity. But it’s nothing I would like,” he added.

Land Rover built a convertible version of its first-generation Evoque (but has so far not released a soft-top variant based on the second-gen model) while Volkswagen currently offers a T-Roc Cabriolet in some markets.

Still, Wagener added he expected to see “more diversity” in SUV segments in future.

“A few years ago we showed that Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept, which already was a crossover between the SUV and the three-box limousine. I think we had been very early with this concept, and the public was not quite ready for it.

“But I truly believe we will see that more in the future. So we will [have] even more diversity in the SUV line-up,” he said.

Original article from Car