Audi’s head of communications has dropped a pretty hefty hint that we won’t see a second-generation S1, revealing that it’s “getting more and more difficult” to build such vehicles.

Speaking to CarAdvice, Peter Oberndorfer suggested a hot hatch based on the new-generation A1 Sportback was unlikely to be realised, stating that an S1 is “not foreseen on this platform”.

The news comes after Autocar earlier reported an all-paw S1 with around 185 kW would launch late in 2019.

“Honestly, it’s difficult with that platform, it’s difficult,” Oberndorfer told the Australian publication.

“This was quite an investment. You remember the first series of the A1 quattro was very expensive to build.

"The S1 was also not easy to do because it was done later; it was not originally on the platform. It was quite an investment.

"It was a great car, I had one my house, but nowadays we have to focus more and more and it’s getting more and more difficult,” he emphasised.

Oberndorfer went on to intimate that the 40 TFSI derivative – which he described as “quite a fun car” – would be the hottest A1 of this generation, with its familiar turbocharged 2,0-litre four-banger matching the Volkswagen Polo GTI’s peak outputs of 147 kW and 320 N.m.

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