The new Bugatti Divo has been unveiled in Monterey, California, billed as “a super sports car tuned for agility, nimbleness and optimum handling performance”.

Just 40 examples will be built, each starting at €5-million. Keep your wallet in your pocket, though – all have already been sold.

As with the Chiron on which it is based, the Divo is powered by a quad-turbo 8,0-litre W16 engine, churning out 1 103 kW. But the French automaker has “intensively fine-tuned” the new model’s aerodynamics, while the suspension and chassis settings have also been thoroughly modified.

Compared with the Chiron, the Divo is 35 kg lighter and boasts 90 kg more downforce. Its lateral acceleration has been boosted to 1,6 g, while maximum speed is limited to 380 km/h (thanks chiefly to the Divo’s increased camber), compared with the 420 km/h the Chiron is able to achieve.

So, what sort of aero tweaks have been made? Well, the Bugatti Divo's front cover is equipped with air intakes that effectively reduce the cross-sectional area of the vehicle while also ensuring improved air flow and aerodynamic efficiency.

The new front spoiler provides higher downforce and guides more air to the front air inlets, something that also improves overall cooling. The brakes, meanwhile, are cooled by four independent air sources on each side of the vehicle.

The Divo’s roof forms a flow-optimized air inlet and, in combination with the specially designed engine compartment cover, ensures a “very high air mass flow to the engine compartment”, according to Bugatti.

At the rear, you’ll find a height-adjustable (1,83-metre wide) rear spoiler which functions as an air brake when turned forwards and is set to different angles for the individual driving modes. The rear diffuser has been entirely redesigned (and accommodates four tailpipes), helping to increase total downforce to 456 kg.
Bugatti Divo

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