Mercedes-Benz has quietly released the first official glimpse at the huge touchscreen set to debut in the new-generation S-Class.

As spotted by the studious folks over at, the Stuttgart-based firm has scheduled a livestream event for 8 July, in which it will reveal more about the seventh-generation flagship sedan’s MBUX system.

The accompanying image includes both an earlier teaser shot – released towards the end of May 2020 and showing the W223-generation saloon’s subtly revised front end – as well as a look at the aforementioned screen.

While Mercedes has yet to release any details of the display or the presumably upgraded MBUX system itself, the screen is clearly a large one, with earlier spy shots suggesting it would positively dominate the centre console.

Judging by the image, the touchscreen will be assigned the vast majority of in-cabin functions (so, there’ll be even fewer physical controls), including the climate control system.

We’ll find out more later in the week...

Original article from Car