Maserati has taken the wraps off its new Ghibli Hybrid, which arrives as the first electrified model from the Italian brand.

The Modena-based company says its hybrid solution is “focused primarily on improving performance”, while also reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.

The powertrain comprises a turbocharged 2,0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine with a 48 V alternator and an additional electric supercharger, supported by a battery mounted at the rear of the car. Interestingly, Maserati says the Ghibli Hybrid weighs “about 80 kg” less than the diesel model.

Peak outputs are 246 kW and 450 N.m, with the latter delivered from as low as 1 500 r/min. Maserati says its electrified saloon will top out at 255 km/h, after completing the sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 5,7 seconds.

According to the Italian company, the Ghibli Hybrid will generate the “unmistakable sound that characterises all Maserati models”, thanks largely to an “optimised” exhaust with specially designed resonators.

So, how will you identify a Ghibli Hybrid out on the road? Well, the side air-ducts, brake callipers and elements of the C-pillar badging are finished in blue, a colour repeated in various places inside the car. The new Ghibli Hybrid furthermore introduces a redesigned grille and revised taillamps.

Original article from Car