The folks over at ABT Sportsline have revealed their latest (fairly subtle) take on the Audi Q7, handing Ingolstadt’s big SUV more power, larger wheels and the obligatory suspension drop.

To start with, the German tuner has tinkered only with the Q7 50 TDI derivative, but claims this will lay the “foundations for an extensive tuning range which we will be introducing gradually".

Applying the firm’s tuning software to the Q7’s 3,0-litre TDI engine has resulted in new peak figures of 243 kW and 650 N.m (up from the standard model’s 210 kW and 600 N.m).

In addition, ABT says it will happily fit its “electronic lowering module” to the production air suspension system, resulting in what it describes as “sportier handling” (and, of course, a suitably hunkered-down stance). A set of 22-inch alloy wheels is also offered, available in a variety of designs.

If you’d like your Q7 to stand out even more, the firm furthermore offers an aero package (which includes a new front lip, a fresh rear skirt and more) plus new tailpipes, a rear wing and even carbon-fibre exterior trim. A wide-body kit that adds fender extensions is also available.

Original article from Car